College Funding Resources

Saving For College

College Funding Resources

Personal financial management can help you save for college expenses, too. Bloom helps your start planning today! 

Articles and important information to help you understand the best ways to save for your children's or grandchildren's college expenses.



 MoneyGeek ~ A Guide to College Savings Plans:

FAFSA - Free Aplication for Financial Aid

FinAid: The Financial Aid Information Page - This site is sponsored by the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA) allowing you to ask questions of financial aid counselors.

College Express - info on hundreds of private colleges and universities

Fast Web! (Financial Aid Search Through the Web) call 1-800-327-8932

Saving for College - The internet guide to 529 plans - This site is a comprehensive breakdown of the various 529 plans available across the nation and also has a search engine for 529 consultants.


The College Blue Book: Scholarships, Fellowships, Grants and Loans (MacMillan Books) Lists thousands of scholarships, many of which go unclaimed.

College Financial Aid (MacMillan Books) A complete guide to all grants, loans and scholarships available from federal and state government, corporate and private foundation sources.

College Scholarships and Financial Aid (Jonathan Schwartz) Listings of scholarships and a Scholarship Search CD-ROM.

Financing College, How to Use Savings, Financial Aid, Scholarships, and Loans to Afford the School of Your Choice (Kristin Davis) This demystifies the financial aid process and walks parents through the process of finding scholarships, low-cost loans and other ways to make higher education affordable.

Free Money for Graduate School (Laurie Blum) A comprehensive guide to graduate school grants..

Free Money from Colleges and Universities (Laurie Blum) A comprehensive guide to scholarships in a wide variety of disciplines.

Loans and Grants from Uncle Sam: Am I Eligible and for How Much? (Octameron Press) Describes the major federal loan and grant programs, such as Staffords, Perkins, PLUS loans and Direct loans.

Paying Less for College: The Complete Guide to $28 Billion in Financial Aid (Peterson's Publishing) A book detailing all government and private aid programs explaining how to obtain financial aid at 1,600 undergraduate colleges.

Tips on Financial Aid for College (Council of Better Business Bureaus) A helpful free brochure explaining different kinds of college financial aid and how to apply for them.
Financing Your College Degree (The College Board) A book designed for adult students.




The Education Resources Institute (1-800-255-8374;


Sallie Mae (1-800-524-9100)


United States Department of Education (1-800-433-3243;


Michigan Higher Education Assistance Authority Office of Scholarships (517-373-3394)




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